OH YEAH RECORDS is an independent Swedish label
run by the musicians Martina, Owe, Malin and Karolina Almgren. 

Distribution Border Music


Owe Almgren Åke Linton OYR029
BLUES EP Release 9 February 2024 Format: Digital platforms

Music to be comforted and refreshed by in these not so flattering times for humanity.

Owe Almgren - electric bass, acoustic bass guitar, drums, piano
Åke Linton - sound design
1. Prelude 1
2. Blues 1
3. Prelude 2
4. Blues 2
5. Prelude 3
6. Blues 3
7. Prelude 4
8. Blues 4
9. Blues 5

Recorded and mixed at Studio TONKONTROL Oct/Nov 2023 by Åke Linton and Owe Almgren. Mastering by Hans Olsson
photo by Åke Linton and cover design by Owe Almgren.

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Listen to Majestic:

Martina Almgren OYR027
MAJESTIC Release 5 May 2023 Format: CD
A meeting between earthy grooves and ethereal tunes. Vivid and with a tangible, dynamic beat.
Martina Almgren, described as a colorful drummer and composer, has long been one of the leading figures in Swedish jazz. Her new album Majestic came about after a turbulent time in life when music became an important companion in the healing process, as well as encounters with nature and fellow musicians.

1. Nåd
2. I Vatten
3. Asteroid
4. Som Stjärnhimlen
5. Majestic
6. Smaragd
7. Solar Eclipse
8. Now
9. Andas

Martina Almgren – drums, flute and & vocals
Elin Forkelid – saxophones
Mattias Torell – guitar
Owe Almgren – electric bass
All compositions by Martina Almgren
Recorded at Mackapär studios by Martin von Schmalensee Nov 2022
Additional recordings, mixing and mastering at Tonkontrol by Åke Linton 2023. Photo by Annika Clarholm. Cover design by Martina Almgren.

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Listen to: 19. 16. 10. 8

Karolina Almgren OYR028
FÄRDAS Release 1 April 2023  Format: CD
The Swedish saxophone player and composer Karolina Almgren´s latest album "Färdas” , which means to travel or to be on your way, is a reflection of the words different spectrums. To be on the move, traveling to new places, meeting new people and getting inspired by what you see. But also the mind traveling, constantly thinking about new dreams, goals and projects. Composed as a reflection of the life
you live as a musician. Recorded in three different studios with a lot of different musicians it´s a celebration to various instrumental settings, recording processes and of course the musicians unique sounds. 
”Färdas has enabled me to explore different approaches in composing, arranging and elaborate with different recording techniques. But always with the main aim of writing music from my heart.”

1. Prelude
2. Vemod
3. 19. 16. 10. 8
4. Ballad till Mörkret
5. Spegling
6. Tröttare
7. Flöde
8. Färdas

Karolina Almgren - saxophones/bass/piano/voice/compositions
Andreas Hourdakis - guitar, Britta Virves - piano, Johannes Vaht - bass
Andreas Baw - drums, Petter Hängsel - trombone , Rasmus Nyvall - tenor saxophone, Filip Bensefelt - drums, Owe Almgren - bass, 
Marcos Ubeda - piano, Martina Almgren - drums/flute
Recorded at: The End Studios, Studio Tonkontrol/Åke Linton, Studio Filip/Karo
Mixing: Åke Linton (except track 8 Filip Bensefelt) Mastering: Åke Linton
Photo: Malin Almgren Cover: Karolina Almgren 2022/2023

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Listen to Zanzibar:

Owe Almgren Martina Almgren OYR026
DUALITY Release 17 March 2023  Format: CD
Electric bass and hand drums in an exuberant interplay -
big music in a small format!
Long-standing rhythm section Owe and Martina Almgren step forward in a newly formed duo. With a variety in musical expressions and arrangements they interpret jazz standards and play their own material in a most personal way. Contrast-rich, cohesive, playful and independent music. As a tribute to life!

1. Desmond/Tsunami (Owe Almgren)
2. Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma)
3. Virvelvind (Owe Almgren)
4. So What (Miles Davis)           
5. Zanzibar (Owe Almgren)
6. Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)
7. Here We Go Again (Owe Almgren)
8. Bingo (Martina Almgren)
9. Pacem (Owe Almgren)           
10. Listen Here (Eddie Harris)
11. I Mean You (Thelonious Monk)
12. Little Feat (Owe Almgren)
13. Busters Berså (Martina Almgren)
14. Vågspel (Owe Almgren)

Owe Almgren – electric bass and musical arrangements
Martina Almgren – hand drums and cymbals
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Åke Linton at Studio Tonkontrol 2022/2023. Photo by Annika Clarholm.

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Listen to Heartache:

Sisters of Invention OYR025
Sisterhood Release 28 October 2022 Format: CD and Vinyl

Sisters of Inventions new album Sisterhood is a homage to creating music together as sisters.
Sisters of Invention is a Swedish duo consisting of Malin & Karolina Almgren. The sisters has increasingly developed a distinct sense of what Sisters of Invention is all about. Distinct and solid melodies over infectious rhythms have been a constant mantra, and on Sisterhood it’s distilled into a radiant brilliance. The opening track Heartache offers creative vocals, and shines with bouncing drum comps and caressing saxophone parts.

1. Heartache
2. Sisterhood
3. Sign.
4. Postludium
5. Losing My mind
6. Remember Me
7. Another One
8. Heartache
9. Time Heal Wounds

Malin Almgren - drums, piano, keys, ukulele, percussion & vocals
Karolina Almgren - saxophones, electric bass, flute & vocals
Recorded and mixed by Jens Lindgård at Gula Studion. 

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Listen to Across the Universe:

Owe Almgren & Sisters of Invention OYR019
Does The Beatles Nordic Noir Release 19 March 2021
Format: CD

"To record the music of The Beatles may feel somewhat redundant when the originals are so fantastically good. When and if I were to do this, the interpretations needed to end up far from the originals. I wanted to capture an atmosphere of a more melancholic character, which I find traceable in their music - Nordic Noir”. Recorded mixed and mastered by Åke Linton at Svenska Grammofonstudion, Sweden 2016-2020.

1. Across the universe
2. Norwegian wood
3. Come together
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. I´m a loser 
6. Let it be
7. Help
8. Goodbye
9. I feel fine
10. Here, there and everywhere
11. All good things must come to an end

Owe Almgren - electric bass, acoustic bass guitar, vocals and arrangements
Karolina Almgren - soprano- & tenor sx, vocals & vocal arrangements
Malin Almgren - dr, perc. & glückenspiel
Compositions by Lennon/McCartney

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Listen to Interlude:

Owe Almgren Åke Linton OYR020
Vancouver Release 26 March 2021 Format: CD

Vancouver is a continuation of electric bassist Owe Almgren's previous solo projects "Basically Low Key" and "I Owe You Listeners My Music". Here, the legendary sound engineer Åke Linton steps in and creates different soundscapes that Owe explores in seven improvisations, where recordings of sound environments from different places in Gothenburg have also been added. Recorded at Svenska Grammofonstudion, Sweden by Åke Linton September 2020.

1. Interlude
2. Heavy Weather
3. Haunted
4. Jazz Brunch
5. Vancouver
6. Bouncing
7. Grace

Owe Almgren - electric bass
Åke Linton - sound design

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Listen to What Reason Do I Have:

biorn quartet OYR021
Release 1 Mars 2021 Format: Digital

"The oldest newcomer of the year?" After being a musician for over 25 years, Björn Almgren has finally formed his own quartet. He sees himself as a jazz musician with free jazz / contemporary jazz as a starting point. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Björn Almgren.

1. Nature Walking
2. Smooth Tracks 
3. Serene 
4. I Do Care 
5. Soon We´ll Be Free 
6. All In 
7. Fine Trees 
8. Earthy
9. Who Said
10. What Reason Do I Have
11. Unknown
12. Your Mind

Björn Almgren - saxophone & 
Karin Hammar - trombone
Owe Almgren - bass
Anders Kjellberg - drums


Listen to Heart:

Sisters of Invention OYR018
Nostalgia Release 27 November 2020. Format: Digital

Four new songs about love and how to deal with the difficulties and worries in the world. Colorful, groovy, poetic and vulnerable music from the sisters Malin and Karolina Almgren. Recorded and mixed by Jens Lindgård at Gula Studion. Mastered by Henrik Alsér.

1. Remember Me
2. Another One
3. Heart
4. Time Heal Wounds

Karolina Almgren - saxophones, bass, vocals & flute 
Malin Almgren  - drums, piano, keys, vocals & percussion


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Listen to Love to II:

Irène Sjöberg Lundin, Owe Almgren, Jila Mossaed OYR016
Månen och den eviga kon Release 27 September 2019
Format: CD

This is a breathtaking album! The poet Jila Mossaed reads her own poems and the pianist Irène Sjöberg-Lundin improvises freely together with bass player Owe Almgren. 

1. Love to
2. Ett ljud som bara jag kan
3. Varje natt kysser jag markens fötter
4. Treenighet
5. Jag föder rådjuret
6. Agnus Dei
7. Vad jag saknades här I
8. Vad jag saknades här II
9. Love to II

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Listen to Havet:

Karolina Almgren Projekt OYR015
Live i Umeå Release 6 december 2019  Format: CD

The quintet is Karolina Almgren´s latest constellation, they play a mix of the celebrated saxophone players own compositions and rearranged old folk and jazz melodies. The music has a strong focus on rhythms and melodies, it´s full of contrasts and surprises. Recorded 2018 at Umeå Jazzstudio by Daniel Nygaard. Mixed och mastered by Henrik Alsér.

1. Uti vår hage
2. Visby
3. Mahjong
4. In a sentimental mood
5. Visa efter Torn-Erik
6. Ack Värmeland
7. Havet
8. Here´s that rainy day
9. Sista låten
10. Close

Karolina Almgren - saxophone & arrangements 
Svante Henryson - cello // Isa Savbrant - double bass
Martina Almgren - drums & percussion // Malin Almgren - drums & glockenspiel. Composer Karolina Almgren track 2, 7, 9, 10. Wayne Shorter track 3, Duke Ellington track 4, Jimmy Van Heusen track 8 and Trad. track 1, 5, 6.

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Listen to Peace of Mind:

Martina Almgren OYR014 
PEACE OF MIND Release 6 September 2019. Format: CD

Martina Almgren has created a mesmerising second solo album. In this very playful recording she returns to her musical roots. Recorded and mixed by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm 2019. Mastered by Henrik Alsér at Svenska Grammofonstudion 2019.

1. Peace of Mind
2. Fly Eagle
3. Strax före Solnedgången
4. Kindred Spirits
5. Tenderfoot Chant
6. Enter
7. Oh
8. After

Martina Almgren – drums, piano & vocals
Elin Forkelid – saxophones
Mattias Torell- guitar 
Owe Almgren– electric bass

All compositions by Martina Almgren except no 2 based on a traditional joik, and no 5 by Lennart Kullgren. Lyrics on no 3 by Werner Aspenström.

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Listen to The Night is Black:

Martina Almgren OYR013
THIS SONG OF MINE Release 7 September 2018  Format: CD

The album features music composed to poems by the India/Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. Recorded and mixed by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin 2018. Mastered by Henrik Alsér at Svenska Grammofonstudion.

1. Opening 
2. Waiting
3. I Thought (Closed Path)
4. Transit 1 
5. I Dreamt
6. The Night is Black (On the Nature of Love) 
7. Crossing
8. This Song of Mine (My Song)
9. Transit II
10. The Sun of the First Day
11. Flower 
12. Ground

Martina Almgren - drums, percussion & composition
Karin Burman - vocals // Ahmad al Khatib - oud
Owe Almgren – acoustic bass guitar

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Listen to Glad:

Sisters of Invention OYR012
Release 21 september 2018. Format: CD and Vinyl

SOL - the Swedish word for sun, is Sisters of Inventions fourth album and it contains twelve intriguing compositions. Recorded and mixed by Johannes Lundberg at Studio Epidemin. Mastered by Henrik Alsér.
All music and lyrics by SISTERS OF INVENTION.

2. Hustak
3. Glad
4. Prelude till SOL
5. SOL
6. Skymning
7. Stjärnfall
8. Månens Ballad
9. The Lonely Sea
10. Lost Time
11. Läggdags
12. Har du somnat än?

Malin Almgren - drums, sampling pad & piano
Karolina Almgren - saxophones & vocals

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Listen to Nothing Changes:

EVERYTHING Release 27 September 2017. Format: CD

"The 5-track EP is filled with smooth, soulful and jazzy expressions. Karolina Almgren composes all the music and lyrics and her tender and soulful vocals are the glittering bonds to this EP."
Andy Collins, Scandinavian Soul.

1. Everything
2. Need You To Stay
3. Nothing Changes
4. Runnin'
5. Varje Gång

Karolina Almgren - vocals & electric bass
Filip Bensefelt - drums
Joakim Svensson - electric guitar
John Venkiah - piano

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Listen to As Humble as a Bumblebee:

Owe Almgren Jazz Trio OYR009 
BITS AND PIECES Release 7 April 2016. Format: CD

This music was recorded in 2006 during two hot summer days.Three happy guys making improvised music together. We just pressed the rec button and played. No over dubs. The reason why it took 10 years to put it on an album is a mistery, but here it is, now available for all!

1. Home Run
2. Easy Going                                   
3. As Humble As A Bumblebee
4. Tread Carefully                     
5. I Think We Have Time                     
6. Long Way Home                 
7. Low And Tender

Owe Almgren - electric bass
Anders Kjellberg - drums
Thomas Gustafsson - saxophone and other sounds

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Listen to Jelly, Jelly:

Mats Almgren OYR008
Release 19 February 2016
Format: CD

Mats Almgren, bass soloist at GöteborgsOperan since 1998, releases an album focusing on the 1940s crooner jazz singer Billy Eckstine. Recorded Live by Åke Linton in the Orchestra Hall at Gothenburg Opera House. Mixed by Åke Linton and mastered by Henrik Alsér at Svenska Grammofonstudion.

1. My FoolishHeart    (Washington/Young) 
2. Takin´A Chance On Love (Duke/Fetter/LaTouche)
3. How High The Moon (Lewis/Hamilton) 
4. Dedicated To You (Cahn/Chaplin/Zaret)
5. Jelly, Jelly (Eckstine/Hines) 
6. Ev´ryday I´ll Fall In Love (Fain/Kahal) 
7. Ill Wind (Arlen/Koehler)
8. Send My Baby Back To Me (de Lugg/Hilliard)
9. I Apologize (Goodhart/Hoffman/Nelson)
10. I´ve Never Been In Love Before (Loesser) 
11. Tell Me Pretty Baby (Eckstine/Valentine) 

Mats Almgren - vocals
Owe Almgren - electric bass //  Björn Almgren - saxophone
Sven-Eric "Svenna" Dahlberg - piano //  Göran Kroon - drums


Livemusiq OYR006

Format: Digital
Textually "Songs About People We Know" is based on a collection of confessions, mental notes sometimes written down in the heat of the moment or tears of laughter from opinions of people we know. 
Produced and mixed by Björn Almgren. Mastered by Jimmy Nutt at The NuttHouse Recording studio (Alabama, Sheffield) exept track 2 and 10, mastered by Björn Almgren.

1. Intro play
2. Cheating Muthafu#ker
3. Encore
4. Round and Round
5. First Intermission
6.Good Sh#t
7. Little Timmy
8. Game Player
9. Second Intermission
10. With You
11. The End
12. Outro play

All Lyrics by Infinity and music by Björn Almgren a.k.a. GrizzlyTracks
All instruments played by Björn Almgren except bass played by Owe Almgren on track 2-4, 6-8, 10-11 and guitar played by Anders "Agge" Augustsson on track 10- 11.

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Listen to Allt är Tyst:

Sisters of Invention OYR005
Release 13 May 2015. Format: CD

Navigating is the second album from the successful sisters Malin and Karolina Almgren. Together they navigate around in a broad musical landscape, mixing genres, impressions and influences.

1. Allt är tyst (K. Almgren)
2. Ingen vet (M. Almgren)
3. Navigating (M.& K. Almgren)
4. Then you came along (K. Almgren)
5. Jag kan inte se (M. Almgren)
6. Surrender (K. Almgren)
7. My love (K. Almgren)
8. På resa i min fantasi (M. Almgren)
Bonus Track - Klarare (M & K Almgren)

Karolina Almgren - saxophones, bass, vocals & flute 
Malin Almgren  - drums, piano, vocals & percussion

Guest musician - Jonas Kullhammar - tenor saxophone (2 & 6)

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Listen to Expression:

Owe Almgren OYRCD004  OYRLP004
Format: CD and Vinyl

" My fascination for music is very much a big passion for sounds"
A solo project by bassplayer and composer Owe Almgren.

1. Öppning
2. Martina
3. Vemodet
4. Tymenos
5. Expression
6. Saknad
7. Little Feat
8. Höst
9. I Am a Human

Owe Almgren - electric bass, compositions & arrangements.
Per Lindvall - dr. // Anders Kjellberg - dr. // Marcos Ubeda - pi. //
Malin Almgren - cajun // Erik Nyman - fender rhodes //
Martina Almgren - ride cymbal // Rubens Millet Herrera - perc. //
Karolina Almgren - sax. & fl. // Björn Almgren - sax. //
Martin Ödlund - mallets // Henrik Nordqvist - clarinet //
Charles DeRamus - double bass // Petra Lundin - cello //
Samuel Runsteen - violin // Tuula Fleivik - viola //
Jennifer Downing Olsson - double bass

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Listen to Vermelha:

Martina & Owe Almgren Quartet OYR003
LISBOA Release 20 Mars 2014. Format: CD

Martina & Owe Almgren Quartet (former Martina Almgren Quartet), release their fifth album. Music inspired by springtime in Lisboa. Recorded by Åke Linton at Bohus sound Recordings and Svenska Grammofonstudion in August and September 2013. Mastered by Henrik Alsér. 

1. Verde (M.Almgren)
2. Amarela (M. Almgren)
3. Tai Chi (M. Almgren)
4. Moonlight In May (M. Almgren)
5. Relief (M. Almgren)
6. Fri Fritt Framåt (M. Almgren)
7. All Of You (C. Porter)
8. Vilopuls (O.Almgren)
9. Vattendealer (O. Almgren)
10. Lisboa (M. Almgren)
11. Vermelha (M. Almgren)
12. Azul (M. Almgren)

Björn Almgren - saxophones // Tommy Kotter - piano
Owe Almgren - electric bass // Martina Almgren - drums   
Guest musicians  - Sisters of Invention

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Listen to We Are The Future:

Sisters of Invention OYR002
OM & OM IGEN Release 24 April 2013. Format: CD

"Considering that this is a debut, it must be one of the best so far in this millennium. It is so through and through musical, well-played, professional, exiting and fresh, it will make your chin drop."LIRA#3. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Björn Almgren at Grizzly Tracks Studio in Gothenburg 2012.

1. We Are The Future (M. Almgren)
2. Just Go (K. Almgren)
3. You So (M. & K. Almgren)
4. Everything (M. Almgren)
5. Avskedslåten (K. Almgren)
6. Om & Om Igen (M. & K. Almgren)

Malin Almgren - drums, piano, vocals & percussion
Karolina Almgren - saxophones, bass, vocals & flute

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Listen to Sparkling Water, Please:

MOZ Trio OYR001
SPARKLING WATER, PLEASE Release 3 April 2013. Format: CD

Debut album from British/Bengal pianist Zoe Rahman together with Swedish bass player Owe Almgren and drummer Martina Almgren. "Sparkling Water, Please" was recorded and mixed in London in November 2012 at State of the Ark studios together with sound engineer Åke Linton. Mastering by Claes Persson in Stockholm.

1. Sparkling Water, Please (M. A)
2. Bäck (Owe Almgren)
3. Crystal Clear (Zoe Rahman)
4. On The Road (Zoe Rahman)
5. Vaggvisa (Owe Almgren)
6. For A Change (Martina Almgren)
7. Höst (Owe Almgren)
8. April Sun (Zoe Rahman)
9. Red Squirrel (Zoe Rahman)
10. Love Is Still In The Air (M. A)
11. Vintergäck (Martina Almgren)