It is now almost two years since Infinity passed away. Livemusiq released shortly before that the third single from the album that was finished and intended to be released summer / fall of 2013. The album was mixed and mastered already in the end of 2012. It has been and still is strange that Inf is gone and it has taken some time before it felt ok to work with Livemusiq. But I have also clearly known that the album could not only stay in my computer. I have remixed and remastered two songs. So now I will release the album "Songs about people we know" and then I'll release material that  I also want you to take part of. An ep with 7 songs that simply will be called "Extras".
I will only release digitally and ask everyone to help me spread the word about the albums when they come !!!!  Björn Almgren

 This text Infinity wrote to the album release. 

The roots of LiveMusiq sound “Urban Adult Music” can be heard in there own intermingling of old school urban music. Such as jazz, soul, rnb, funk and rap. Rap in the form of Gil-Scot Heron, Isaac Hayes and Jayne Cortez. Livemusiq contains no samples!

About the Album: Songs About People We Know
Textually it’s based on a collection of confessions, mental notes sometimes written down in the heat of the moment or tears of laughter from opinions of people we know, both men and women alike, contacts and associates sometimes under the influence of cocktails and sometime not. We have cleared the songs with the people whom these songs are based on and we have the blessing. We really didn’t have much of a choice. We knew as soon as they heard the songs they would hear their problems, drunken spilled secrets, taboos, ups and downs and temptations coming through their smart phones. Listening to people explain their physical attraction to someone other than their wife, lover or partner under the influence of booze makes for good songs I was thinking. And the thought of being in a loveless marriage for 20 years sounded irrational, but she looked so happy while enlighten us of that fact and then turned to me & Björn and said you guys should write a song about that. So we did!

These confessions and notes have been formed into reality music. This is the follow up to Livemusiq 2010 release “Grown Folk Music”

Musically, unlike Grown Folk Music” the follow up “Songs About People We Know” is less jazzy and the brass section have been replace by DJ cutz. But don’t fret we would never neglect jazz entirely it there if you listen. Here can one experience the late 70’s and early 80’s re-invented with phatter beats.



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Songs About People We Know

Release 31 maj 2015
All lyrics by Infinity and music by Björn Almgren a.k.a. GrizzlyTracks.

All instruments played by Björn Almgren except bass played by Owe Almgren on track 2-4, 6-8, 10-11 and guitar played by Anders"Agge"Augustsson on track 10- 11.

Produced and mixed by Björn Almgren.

Mastered by Jimmy Nutt at The NuttHouse Recording studio (Alabama, Sheffield) exept track 2 and 10, mastered by Björn Almgren